Welcome to Rhodes Engineering

We are a small focused design team providing a broad range of electronic design and prototyping services.

Rhodes Engineering provides a mixture of embedded electronic hardware and software design, including prototype building and small production runs (in the hundreds).  

The prototype building extends from handmade proof-of-concept through to concept proving/testing builds. 

We can also supply in house made laser cut paper stencils for solder pasting. These stencils are a significant cost saving for small prototype builds.

Rhodes Engineering has a CNC mill and also 3D printing capabilities (ABS with support material) for custom parts, panels and mounting fixtures, all supported by 3D CAD and PCB design software. 

We also have a surface mount device (SMD) pick-and-place and re-flow soldering capability for PCB assembly that is supported by hand assembly. 

Rhodes Engineering can provide a turn-key design and prototyping service from a general functional description, and supply all embedded, PC based software and electronic hardware.

We can also provide electronic and control design concepts. These can be based on an existing design or as a contrasting design option.

We also have a number of contacts in tool making to provide heavier mechanical hardware requirements.  

Rhodes Engineering has been providing these services full time from the start 2009 and part time for over 25 years.

Rhodes Engineering is based in Auckland, New Zealand.