Our Services 


Laser Cut Paper Stencils

Rhodes engineering can supply laser cut paper stencils for solder pasting. They are intended as a low cost way to solder paste small prototype builds. Currently the max supported size is 160mm * 90mm, with a stencil thickness of 0.11mm and a min aperture of 0.15mm. See the documents below for further information.

  • Laser cut paper stencil spec and price information (DOWNLOAD)
  • Laser cut paper stencil usage notes (DOWNLOAD)


Embedded electronic design 

We currently work with the following micro controller families 

  • Atmel AVR
  • Microchip PIC32
  • Texas Instruments TMS320F28 DSP

The above families cover a broad range of applications for power and CPU speed. All the above are supported by software development that is base on a C code base, with assembly code support as needed.  

We have built a number of library functions supporting the families above to enable the fastest turn around for the design process.

We are always open to using and expanding the family of micro controllers we use. 

Electronic Prototyping and design support equipment 

We have the following equipment to support the design and building of prototypes

  • CNC mill.
  • 3D printer (ABS with support material).
  • Small manual lathe.
  • SMD pick-and-place machine.
  • Re-flow soldering capability.
  • Various oscilloscopes and meters.
  • We stock a number of components, modules and parts to enable the fast turn around of designs.
  • We use onsite and offsite encrypted software backups.
  • We use a version control system (SVN) for the storage of all software and documents.

PC Software capabilities

All PC based software is designed using CodeGear™ Delphi® 2007 for Win32® R2 Version 11. We have built a number of library functions to support the embedded software systems we have developed. 

We have developed a number of PC applications in support of custom instruments we have designed which   provide a PC interface to the instrument. This enables easy control of the instrument and the natural and simplest display of information from the instrument.

The applications developed to date have supported WinXP (32bit), Win7 (32 and 64bit). Some have interfaced to MySQL database for information exchange and data logging.

We have also developed simple instrument support proof-of-concept applications for the Android operating system.

PCB design capabilities

We have PCB design capabilities to provide prototypes using the following features   

  • 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 layers
  • Tinned copper, solder-mask (green, blue, red, black, yellow,white), silkscreen (white, black, yellow, red).
  • 0.5mm or 3.2mm material.
  • Surface finish: HASL,Ni/Au,OSP
  • Copper Thickness: 1/2 to 6oz (18um-210um)

We have Altium Designer & KiCad

General design services

Rhodes engineering also provides electronic and control design concepts. These can be based on an existing design or as a contrasting design option. With a history of creative innovative design these concepts may be patent-able, adding to your intellectual property portfolio.  

We also have a number of contacts in the following areas

  • Tool making/light mechanical engineering to provide heavier mechanical hardware requirements.
  • Magnetic systems design, including Brushless DC motor design.
  • Structural Modeling and Analysis.
  • Theoretical physics, maths and dynamic modeling.

We also offer a reverse engineering service, reporting on as much detail as can be extracted from an existing design.