Design history

I have been involved in design and development for over 28 years in the following areas

  • Electronic control systems (linear and nonlinear).

  • Dynamic real time operating systems.

  • Electronic rotational dynamic balancing systems (measurement and control).

  • Wired, Wireless, optical and audible communication protocol design.
  • Brushless DC motor control.
  • Overall electronic hardware and software system design.  
  • User interface design and implementation.
  • Ultra low power/battery operated designs.
  • Video based object tracking systems (PC based).
  • 4 wheel drive electric vehicle drive system design.
  • Electronics production systems and testers.

I am the inventor/co-inventor for a number of granted and pending international patents.

I have been a key member of teams involved in the design and development of products and production processes for products made in the hundreds of thousands.

I have been a lead member of a product research group designing and patenting key technology in support of future products.

Rocket Lab

Rhodes Engineering is proud to have been the principle designers of the Rocket Lab Rutherford engine fuel pump motor controllers. 

Rhodes Engineering supplied flight hardware to the first two test flights of the Electron vehicle. The maiden flight of the Electron vehicle was in May 2017 and the second flight in Jan 2018.